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The Project was done for Kids to Enjoy Vitual Reality for Kids. The kids can play games in virtual reality by Simulators.

A virtual reality game or VR game is a video game played on virtual reality (VR) hardware. Most VR games are based on player immersion, typically through head-mounted display unit or headset with stereoscopic displays and one or more controllers.

The video game industry made early attempts at VR in the 1980s, most notably with Mattel’s Power Glove and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. With the introduction of the first consumer-ready VR product, the Oculus Rift, in 2013, VR games soon followed, including existing games adapted for the VR hardware, and new games designed directly for VR. While VR hardware and games grew modestly for the remainder of the 2010s, Half-Life: Alyx, a full VR game developed by Valve, was considered the killer application for VR games.

Location: Avenue Mall

Completed date: 2019

Category: Kids Play Area, Showrooms