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Joinery is a part of woodworking that involves joining pieces of wood, engineered lumber, or synthetic substitutes (such as laminate), to produce more complex items. Some woodworking joints employ mechanical fasteners, bindings, or adhesives, while others use only wood elements (such as dowels or plain mortise and tenon fittings). The characteristics of wooden joints – strength, flexibility, toughness, appearance, etc. – derive from the properties of the materials involved and the purpose of the joint. Therefore, different joinery techniques are used to meet differing requirements. For example, the joinery used to construct a house can be different from that used to make cabinetry or furniture, although some concepts overlap. While a form of carpentry elsewhere, in British English usage it is distinguished from it, which is considered to be a form of structural timber work.

Furniture is an essential part of our home. Good furniture gives your house a beautiful look and makes you happy. We’re here to help you keep that happiness as it is. We, at Watercolor Interiors (WME), have some very well skilled and experienced carpenters, who are the best in the country. Well experienced, licensed and qualified, our carpenters are the best, offering best carpentry services anywhere in all of Bahrain. From creation to the renovation of any piece that requires a pair of skilled carpenter hands, Watercolor Interiors (WME) is the name everyone prefers.
Our carpenters are unmatched in skill and ability. They can design and make new furniture for you as per your choice and pattern. From beds to sofa sets, from chairs to window frames, our carpenters can carve a new one or repair it for you. If you need to give your old and faded furniture a brand new look, we offer renovation services. We can make your old table look like brand new. We can fix a broken leg as if it never was broken. We can polish your tabletop in a way that it looks like it has just been out of the showroom. Our carpenters can handle all sorts of wood and metal furniture repairs. Our carpentry services are the best, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with us.

Our carpenters can handle:

  • Wooden Doors & Window – Furnishing & Repair
  • Cabinets & Cupboards
  • Metal Furniture
  • Custom made Joinery as per site condition
  • And much more…

The Process

The work begins when you call us for appointment or query. Once we get a booking, one of our servicemen teams will visit your place for an inspection. They’ll take a look at the place to identify the problem. In the case of small problems, we’ll get them fixed then and there, and an invoice will be generated for the same. For bigger problems, which usually take a lot more time than just a couple of hours, our professionals will take a complete look at the entire thing, analyse and estimate the amount of time and cost that would be incurred to complete the work.
Our professional then will return, and you’ll be given an estimate of the entire work. We charge a modest fee for visiting, which is waived off later on in case you decide to let us do the work after taking the estimate.
Once the complete work is done upto your satisfaction, the final invoice with all details of materials, labour cost, the cost incurred by us, tax details, etc. is given to you and the payment is collected.


Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without a purchaser.

Service Brochure

At TheBuilt we are committed to green building and sustainability in our offices as well as on our job sites. We believe green buildings are not only good for the environment, they also provide immediate and long-term economic benefits.

Why our Carpenters are the best in Bahrain?

We believe in constant evolution through evaluation. We keep training our carpenters to keep improving their already proficient skillset. We keep imparting knowledge about the latest tools and technology and provide them with the best equipment to aid them in working with great efficiency. Our people keep striving for better. That’s what keeps up going ahead.
Our commitment towards quality and reliability helps us stay ahead of the competition. That is what makes us the best service providers in Bahrain.

We need new furniture in the house or at office from time to time. Carving wood and giving it proper shape is a time-consuming task. Also, we don’t have any proper tools and equipment to do so. Hiring a carpenter who can do it properly for you always a wise decision. A professional carpenter can carve wood perfectly and give it the proper shape, size and durability.
When it comes to renovating or repairing broken furniture, trying to do that all by yourself could result in worsening the problem. Without proper experience, we might hurt ourselves trying to use the hammer or the chipper. Professional carpenters can do all of this for us in few minutes what will take maybe hours for us.
A professional and reliable carpenter is here for making your worries disappear and get it done or you conveniently and qualitatively.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present.е Our record of succeeding, surviving, and striving to be the best is central to our reputation today.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

What we Offer?

Watercolor Interiors (WME) carpentry services include the furnishing of new wooden and aluminium furniture for your homes, offices, etc. Our carpenters offer renovation, restoration, repair of various wooden furniture at your place using the latest tools and equipment to keep the work fast, stable and perfect.

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